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Flutter BootCamp Vadodara – Week 2

Flutter Boot-Camp Vadodara 2019


Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS (and also now Web/Desktop applications), as well as being the primary modus operandi of creating applications for Google Fuchsia. Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful mobile apps. 

Flutter helps us to achieve all these stupefying features:

  • Fast Development
  • Expressive and Flexible UI
  • Native Performance

Date and Time: June 23, 2019 – 1000 to 1600 IST Hours.

Venue: Navrachana University, Vadodara

Attendees: 50

Personal Note:

Flutter Boot-Camp Vadodara is a joint alliance of DSC SVIT & DSC PU. The dictum of the boot-camp was to make the audience aware about new technologies like FLUTTER and DART made by GOOGLE and its benefits in building cross-platform apps and to our surprise what we got back in return from the audience as a response was simply awe-inspiring.

Participants paying attention to Ayush’s brief Introduction to Flutter.
Ayush delivering a hands-on session on Stateless and Stateful widgets in Flutter.

Ayush Bherwani is a DSC lead of PU, Flutter and Android Dev. He gave an introduction about himself that how Communities are ♥ to him and also instigate the attendees to Flutter and its benefits with the help of some rib-tickling memes. He then introduced the participants with various widgets in Flutter and then he carried on with the hands-on session on how to build a basic app in Flutter and progressed further on Stateless and Stateful widgets. The session he delivered was intriguing, interactive and the attendees were enjoying themselves by participating in a conversation and doing a Q&A with the speaker.

Participants interacting with the speaker.

Also, some participants were so exhilarated and exuberant that they made cool memes on Flutter.

And then after such a brainstorming session, it was lunch time!

And Burger King came to the rescue.

After having such a heavy lunch, we thought that the participants might not be in any mood to carry on but we were flabbergasted when we saw that they were rather more constructive for the second session.

Second Session was held by Dilum De Silva and it was a Webinar. Dilum is a GitHub Campus Expert, founder & lead of Colombo Flutter Community, Flutter Dev, Tech Speaker, and Open-Source Enthusiast. He resumed the session and did a hands-on on Navigation in Flutter and different types of Navigation. At first, the attendees had some issues because it was a webinar but then later they got the hang of it and at the end of the day, they were ready with their very first application developed on Flutter and the happiness on their face was like one of the greatest achievements for us as the organizers.

and that’s how the end-product looked like!

After two heavy brain-teasing sessions, it was time to have fun and get loose and so, what’s better than Kahoot!

Participants had fun playing Kahoot! and damn, those questions were tricky.

We had some swags to give away to the winners of the quiz. And then the day ended with a great networking session where as always it was fun to meet different personnel to exchange some talk and to make new friends.

So summing it all up, Pranit Brahmbhatt and Arpan Patel took sessions on Dart in week 1 and showed the attendees how to play with it. In week 2, Ayush Bherwani and Dilum De Silva showed all the participants how to flirt with Flutter. In week 3, we are gonna cover some important topics like API calls in Flutter, NoSQL vs SQL and Firebase with Flutter and Pooja Bhaumik; GDE for Flutter will help us get through it followed by week 4 which will conclude our boot-camp with a HACKATHON!

And here are some still that how the boot-camp set Twitter on fire 🔥…

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